Iron Filtration

Iron Filtration
Iron filters oxidize (turn to rust) dissolved ferrous iron in water to an insoluble particle and trap the iron (now “rust”) in the iron filter media. A periodic backwash cleans out the rust and flushes the filter media clean. Various types of iron filter media are available including Birm, Greensand, MangOX, Filox©, & Pyrolox©.

Oxidizing iron filters use either air, potassium permanganate, chlorine or ozone to aid the filter media in oxidizing the iron. In some cases, there is already enough dissolved oxygen present so no additional oxidizers are needed.

Iron filters work by oxidizing (rusting) the iron and then filtering it out. We all know that simple iron or steel will rust in the presence of air and water. Rust is one type of oxidation. When water is underground in most wells, it is in a clear, also known as ‘ferrous’ or clear water iron. Iron filters take this clear iron and transform it to rust or ferric iron in the process known as oxidation. These trapped particles are periodically and automatically backwashed out to drain, usually once or twice a week. Iron filter systems also remove so-called red or red water iron, iron bacteria, manganese and in some cases hydrogen sulfide by oxidation and filtration.

Benefits of Your Iron Filter:

1.) Automatically backwashes (self-cleaning cycle) without input from you

2.) Removes sediment/mud/debris from your water

3.) Your whole house is protected from the iron and manganese in your water

4.) Protects and extends the life of your dishwasher, ice-maker, washer machine, coffee maker and plumbing system

5.) User friendly design and operation

6.) Eliminates the iron and manganese in your water